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Magic Hills Private Game Reserve is unlike any other place in the world. Here are five reasons it is the ideal place for a soul safari – a visit here is about more than a holiday, it’s about becoming one with nature and being part of something bigger.

  1. Silence is golden
    Far, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, here you can truly understand the idiom ‘the silence is deafening’. There is no other civilization for miles – just vast savannah, undulating hills and the intermittent thrum of the cicada in the day or the gentle sounds of crickets and locusts once the sun goes down. We invite you to listen to your breath, calm your heart rate and feel the gentle breeze on your skin. These surrounds offer peace like no other.

  2. All the stars in all the land
    Thanks to mostly clear skies and no intrusion of city lights, this location offers some of the best starry nights in the country. A reason that Magic Hills will soon introduce its astronomy hollow – a purpose-built observatory with a state-of-the-art telescope and a space that will protect from the elements and comfortably ensconce guests within, allowing you to lie back and marvel at the wonder of the night sky, no matter the weather. Star-gazing in this part of the world is a visceral experience.

  3. The freshest air – literally
    Thanks to the sheer number of Spekboom trees planted throughout the reserve (and growing!) the air is different here! Spekboom, one of many medicinal plants on the land, is a succulent that literally acts as a sponge for carbon dioxide, able to absorb four to ten tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per hectare – ten times more effective than the Amazon rainforest. A reason to breathe deeply and sleep soundly, for sure.
  4. You’re part of something bigger
    Every guest who visits Magic Hills Private Game Reserve is contributing to something bigger. You become a part of our conservation journey. Just by being here you are contributing to our goal of restoring and rewilding this area to its former glory, preserving it for generations to come.

  5. Allow yourself to let go
    Begin your own rewilding and restoration journey. Magic Hills offers the ideal surrounds to let go and look within. If you are feeling burnt out, tapped out or just in need of a bit of rest and relaxation this is the perfect spot for you. Enjoy brisk early morning game drives, an afternoon poolside, sunset in the jacuzzi or having an outdoor massage overlooking the vast savannah, and the night gazing up at a blanket of stars.

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