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Having spent a decade buying up overgrazed and degraded farmland in the Karoo at a cost of more than R200-million, it has become owners Erik and Alexandra’s goal to restore the Magic Hills Private Collection land to its former glory as a protected area.

Extensive veld rehabilitation is already underway, with 2020 being the year wherein active reintroduction of Karoo grasses and succulents to the most degraded areas will be a priority project. While the full extent of land under the management of the Collection is not currently accessible to all the wildlife inhabiting our reserve, over time and once rehabilitation has been completed to a satisfactory level, more and more fences will be dropped to expand the great reserve (which is around 25 000 hectares) to allow free access to the remaining 21 000 hectares, making the total rehabilitated area around 42 000 hectares, accessible to all visitors and wildlife on the reserve.

Working hand in hand with the Tourism Division and Executive Management, Magic Hills’ ecological goals, including veld rehabilitation and species diversification, are managed alongside tourism developments, community needs and income-generating strategies.

These departments and strategies are aligned and goal driven with the objective to restore our piece of the Great Karoo back to what Jan Smuts saw when he sought refuge in the area during the Second Anglo-Boer War or when the Khoi people, South Africa’s first nation, followed the migrating herds of springbok, quagga and blue buck up from the coast during the summers.

A project still in motion but a project with infinite potential, Magic Hills Private Collection is certain to become the destination of choice in the Karoo for discerning guests.

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