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Magic Hills Private Collection game reserve is located 200km from Port Elizabeth International Airport in South Africa’s scenic Eastern Cape Province. It is a leisurely 3-hour drive from the airport or a short 30-minute flight in a private charter plane that will land in comfort and style on the reserve’s private landing strip.
The 20 100 hectare malaria-free reserve is home to elephant, rhino, cheetah, lion and more than 50 other species, including many that are exotic and endangered.
It’s a place where you can exist in harmony with nature and truly disconnect from the stresses of daily life.



By car: approximately 3 hours.

By chauffeur: should you not wish to drive yourself, we can have a driver meet you at the airport and escort you to the reserve in comfort.

By charter plane or helicopter: approximately 30 minutes.

By charter plane from Cape Town International Airport: approximately 1.5 hours.

A private jet can also be arranged upon request.
Please indicate your preferred mode of transport upon booking – we’d be happy to assist you!

With our gravel airstrip located directly on the private reserve, you can enjoy a seamless transfer experience.



During the summer months, the temperatures can reach as high as 40°C. In the mornings and evenings, the temperatures tend to be cooler. Be sure to pack light, breathable clothes for the hotter parts of the day and something warmer like a sweater or a light jacket for the cooler hours. However, keep in mind that the weather is variable and some days can be windy. We would like to emphasise the importance of bringing enough sunscreen with you, as well as a hat.


The winter months bring with them colder temperatures that reach around 7°C. During the day, the temperature is typically mild and the mornings and evenings will be colder. In addition to your light clothes, make sure to pack a very warm jacket or coat. Scarves and beanies are also useful on chilly morning game drives.


Keep in mind that formal wear is not required in any of our lodges – you are here to relax and unwind. As our lodges are situated in remote locations, be sure to bring enough necessities with you, such as prescription medication, sunscreen, toiletries, contact lenses and solution, and other personal items you may need.


Long-sleeved shirts and long trousers will keep you warm in the chilly evenings and also help keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay.

Pack a good pair of trainers, hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes – however, unless you are doing a walking safari, there is no need to pack heavy-duty hiking boots. A good pair of trainers is all that you need. It’s also a good idea to pack a pair of sandals for when you are relaxing around the lodge or by the pool.

A lightweight waterproof jacket – temperatures can vary greatly. You may feel cool on a morning game drive but perfectly comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt at noon. The secret is to wear layers that you can take off or add as needed.

A camera – you will want to take loads of pictures to remember your up-close encounters. Don’t forget to bring your charger and spare memory cards too. Binoculars are also recommended. Drone use is strictly prohibited without prior permission.

Bring your sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat – the glare from the sun during the middle of the day can hurt your eyes and give you a headache, especially if you are not used to it.

Don’t underestimate the power of our African sunshine. Pack sunscreen and lip balm/chapstick with your swimsuit.

Bring your mosquito repellent of choice, so that our night time critters don’t disturb your evening lounging.

Waterproof ponchos will be provided for guests in the event of rain.


Do I need to get vaccinated before visiting?
No, our area is malaria free. There is no need for any additional medical treatment, however enquire with your travel clinic if you are concerned.

Is there a risk of danger while out on safari?
No, during safaris you are always under the protection of a professional, armed and trained guide.

Do I need any special training to go on a safari?
No, our tailored safaris are for everyone from children to the elderly.

I only speak a foreign language. Will I be able to understand the staff?
Yes, we have interpreting services available. Let us know in advance of your language preference when booking.

I usually book through my travel agent. Can they organize my trip and safari for me?
Yes; please provide your travel agent with our contact details and ask them to contact us.


When is the best time for a safari?

One great thing about the Eastern Cape is that this destination can be visited year round. In the Eastern Cape, the difference between the dry and wet seasons is not as drastic as it is in many other provinces. However, just like the rest of Southern Africa, the best time for a safari is typically during the dry winter and early-spring months, from April to October.

Why is this?

Basically, this is the time of year when animals need food and water and are forced out to rivers and waterholes to drink and feed. This means that animals can generally be seen in predictable places and guests are more likely to experience memorable encounters with our wildlife.
Therefore, your chances of seeing the wild increases drastically.

From December to March, short afternoon thunder showers are typical but they are usually over within an hour. Around the beginning of the rainy season, many different species start to give birth to their young. This is a special time of year for travelers who wish to see a variety of newborn animals!

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