Magic Hills Game Reserve is committed to rehabilitating and rewilding this magical corner of the Earth – and we will continue to go to great lengths to do so, but we acknowledge that funding will be necessary every step of the way. This is why we created the iSanti Karoo Foundation – a means for us to enable others who are as committed to conservation as us to step in and support us, but more than that, to become a part of the journey. While profits from our accommodation and hospitality arm of the business will always be funneled back into our conservation plight, we can do so much more with the help of others. It is with this in mind that we invite investors, philanthropists and any good Samaritans to pledge a donation or become an investor.

Financial contributions enable us to do so much more, but we encourage our contributors to also get involved in a more definitive or hands-on way if they so wish. We invite you to join us in pulling down the fences, removing alien vegetation, tracking our wildlife and getting to intimately know this magical reserve that we reside over. There is something very humbling about being involved in the release of a previously neglected animal, tracking of wildlife in order to collar and release them, or even something as gentle and engaging as planting indigenous trees.

Crowdfunding, donations and investment partners will make it possible for us to finance various types of projects. Donors can choose to become involved in any one of the many initiatives we are currently embarking on, including (but not limited to):

  • Wildlife rescue and rewilding
  • Building a sanctuary and on-site clinic for repatriated animals
  • Restoring and reconstructing the house of Jan Smuts
  • Further investigation, research and restoring of the Khoi rock art and paintings
  • The removal of unwanted invasive vegetation and combatting erosion
  • Cultivating and expanding the planting of Spekboom trees and educating visitors on this magic medicinal plant
  • Research and scientific projects in collaboration with renowned universities
  • Social upliftment in the neighbouring communities.

Are you ready to get involved and become a part of this incredible journey?

Donations from across the globe

Whether by credit card, wire transfer or cheque, o even via PayPal, you can rest assured that your donation will be put to good use. Enquire with our team about cost-effective solutions for cross-country donations and the TAX implications.

Donations from South Africa

You can make a direct donation to our iSant Karoo Foundation, which is a registered non-profit foundation. Speak to our team about the TAX directives or if you would like this to form a part of a CSI initiative for your company or businesses. 


Leave us your email for more information about donations.

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