Magic Hills Private Collection is without a doubt truly magical. Any visitor to this secret Karoo hideaway will tell you that. From the silent winter sunrises, early morning game drives, and bright red summer sunsets to sleeping under a blanket of a million stars at night and indulging in a bit of R&R at the Sky Spa. All of that is magical in itself, but is that the real magic?

To find the true magic you must look a little deeper…
When  you visit, take the opportunity to give yourself a moment to immerse yourself in nature by sitting in silence, alone or with your loved ones, and truly listening to the magic of the Karoo.

Your experience will go a little something like this…

Upon closing your eyes you will at first hear the echoes of your last conversation, slowly fading away… then silence… which you’ll soon realise you can hear. As in the well-known phrase ‘the  silence is deafening.

We spend so much time filtering out the daily distractions of the world around us that that we rarely take the chance to listen to silence. Silence is not without sound in the Karoo and you’ll soon realise that the silence you hear is punctuated by the bark of a kudu or, early in the evening, a jackal’s soulful cry, or even the primal rumble of a lion.

These calls will come and go and you’ll realise that there’s more if you continue to listen. If you concentrate you will hear other more frequent sounds; the song of a lark, the raucous call of a blue crane, maybe the unmistakable hoo-hoo of a spotted eagle owl. Even these sounds will seem to be sparse, intermittent and familiar when, after a few minutes they no longer distract you and you start to hear insects. At night you’ll hear the sounds of crickets and locusts, during the day the mundane thrum of the cicada, and as you focus on this level, this depth of listening, you’ll soon notice that you can also hear the larger insects, maybe a dung beetle or millipede moving past you, their tiny feet displacing individual soil granules, which to them may as well be boulders.

About now you’ll swear that you can hear breathing, but not your own. This breath you hear, and feel, is the wind, now just a gentle breeze, the breath of the Karoo whispering past your ears and as you sit hearing, and listening to, the silence with all its layers you will notice that you are calmer, more at peace… That is the true magic of nature, and this place!

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