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San Master Trackers – Ancient Culture That Lives On

On a landscape as raw and ancient as the rugged terrain of Magic Hills Private Game Reserve, one can almost see how it must have looked far before European settlers arrived. The settlers brought farming and ecological disruption to the natural wildness of the region, and the animals were not the only ones displaced. The

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Things To Do in the Karoo – Zipline at Magic Hills

One would never dream that there could be so many things to do in the karoo wilderness, as there are on the expansive Magic Hills Private Game Reserve. The luxury and family portfolio of hospitality options offers guests access to a whole new world of adventure, surrounded by the age-old, rugged mountains and savannah of

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A Growing Game Reserve in Eastern Cape – a vast wilderness

Owning and running a game reserve in the Eastern Cape is a far cry from running the same in a place like the lowveld, where the more commercially-known reserves can be found. However, our slice of Karoo paradise is no less special, which can be attested to by Senior Environmental Officer at the Eastern Cape

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Linking Coast to Karoo – an Ecotourism and Conservation Opportunity

Linking Coast to Karoo – an Ecotourism and Conservation Opportunity At 20 100 hectares of wide-open African Karoo wilderness, the Magic Hill Private Game Reserve already occupies a significant slice of this breathtaking Eastern Cape region. With land rehabilitation and wildlife rewilding initiatives already underway, the reserve is setting a new example of conservation safaris

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Rock Art at Magic Hills – Uncovering our Heritage

During the last year of exploring the largely-uncharted hectares of wilderness at Magic Hills Private Game Reserve, we’ve found six previously-undiscovered rock art sites dotted around the reserve. We were so excited, we immediately got onto the phone with an expert, Archeologist Dr. Jayson Orton, of Asha Consulting in Cape Town. Amidst the 2020 COVID-19

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black rhino

Magic Hills Rhino Crowdfunding

Finding the Silver Bullet to Rhino Poaching First identified as a major global concern in the 1970s, rhino poaching continues to plague southern Africa, decades later. Well-intended debates continue on the best possible solution for this gruesome problem, and yet we’re no closer to the silver bullet today, than we were 50 years ago. We

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